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Penn International Fly Reel
Machined, Bar Stock Aluminum Frame. Each Penn International® fly reel features the strength of a one piece frame, machined from the highest grade bar stock marine aluminum. Spools are also machined from the same bar stock aluminum. The whole reel is then anodized in either a black or gleaming gold finish for good looks and corrosion resistance. 

Smooth, Powerful Penn HT100TM Drag System. Drag System. Like the Penn International® lever drag reels, Penn's International® saltwater fly reels are equipped with an oversized HT100TM drag disc and separate stainless steel drag pressure plate. This exclusive system delivers smoother sustained braking power and superior heat dissipation during long fights.

High Strength. Marine Grade Components. Each reel is built to fish hard, with super strong, corrosion resistant components, including: stainless steel spindle, three aircraft quality ball bearings, bronze double dogs to prevent internal damage, and machined aluminum reel stand with a special stabilizing bar for a rock-solid connection.

Right or Left Hand Drive. Except for the 4G-AR, Penn International® fly reels feature a single, direct drive action. The 4G-AR features a specially designed double-dog anti-reverse system that prevents the handle from turning backward when a fish takes line against the drag. All International® fly reels are shipped from the factory in right hand drive, but are easily convertible to left hand drive.

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Other Quality Features.

  1. Comfortable, handsome hardwood knob (two on 4G-AR)
  2. Selectable outgoing click
  3. Quick "take down"
  4. Engraved serial number, registration card, protective reel pouch


4.G 13.0 WF-12-F-350
4.B 13.0 WF-12-F-350
2.5G 10.0 WF-9-F-250
2.5B 10.0 WF-9-F-250
1.5G 7.0 WF-6-F-150
1.5B 7.0 WF-6-F-150



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