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Fly Tying Threads


Uni Products is a small Canadian company with a big reputation for quality fly tying materials. Located in Ste-Mélanie, Quebec, Uni distributes spooled fly tying materials to thirty countries. Owned and operated by former professional fly tier, Jean-Guy Côté, Uni's products are tested at the bench and in the water before appearing in our catalogue.


8/0 Uni Thread
8/0 UNI-Thread is the favorite fine fly-tying thread of fly –tiers all over the world. Noted for being exceedingly strong for its diameter. It is used and recommended by many noted fly-tiers/authors such as Jack Dennis, Gary Lafontaine, Dick Talleur and Paul Marriner. 8/0 UNI-thread is made of continuous polyester filaments, slightly bonded, which ties flat on the hook and comes wax or unwaxed in twenty « hatch-matching » colours. Spools wound with either 50 or 200 yards of thread are available. Available colours are:

Black, White, Tan, Grey, Dark Brown, Red, Yellow, Olive, Rusty Brown, Orange, Fire Orange, Fl. Orange, Rusty, Dun, Camel, Light Cahill, Iron Grey



6/0 Uni Thread
6/0 UNI-Thread is a general fly-tying
thread of continuous polyester filaments. The wide range of twenty-three colours meets virtually all fly-tying needs. 6/0 UNI-Thread comes in 50 or 200-yard spools,both wax and unwaxed. UNI’exclusive waxing process produces a thin coating to reduce that annoying build-up of wax in your bobbin tube.

6/0 Uni Thread is available in 22 colours:


3/0 UNI-Thread

3/0 UNI-Thread

3/0 UNI-Thread serves the fly-tier
who regularly ties on hooks larger
than size #12. It is of the same
material as 8/0 and 6/0 UNI-Thread,
but with an increased number of

It is available in seventeen
popular colours:
Black, Brown, Fluo.
Chartreuse, Green, Gray, Iron Gray,
Dark Brown, Light Blue, Light Cahill,
Olive, Orange, Pink, Red, Tan,
White, Wine, Yellow. 


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